Yves Bergquist, CEO

Yves is a data scientist and the CEO of Novamente. He also manages the “Data & Analytics” Project at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center, where his team helps the entertainment industry accelerate the deployment of next-generation audience intelligence standards and solutions.

Yves is currently leading the development of several advanced analytics platforms that leverage high-end tools and methods extracted from Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience to transform the way the media and entertainment industry is understanding its audiences and products. For example, he is the lead architect for Contender, an AI-driven content intelligence platform that surfaces the relationships between millions of audience segments and the stories that resonate with them, then programmatically serves the right content to each segment.

Yves is a competitive strategist and complex systems researcher with 15 years of experience modeling high-velocity environments and markets for public and private sector clients. Before Novamente, Yves managed business development at analytics firms Bottlenose and Ranker in Los Angeles. 

He was part of the founding team at Singularity University, a joint venture between Google and NASA, which aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence and other exponential technologies to help solve the world’s greatest problems. He has an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, an MA in History from the Universite de Paris-1 (Sorbonne), and an MS in Political Science from the Universite de Marne la Vallee in France.

Spencer Stephens

Spencer Stephens, Adviser

With over 25 years of experience, Spencer is one of the most skilled technical executives in the entertainment industry, most recently as CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. We are honored to have him as a key player in our company’s efforts to transform the entertainment industry through artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining SPE, Spencer worked as a senior technologist for Warner Bros., where he was responsible for technology development and application across a broad range of digital content distribution and production systems. As Vice-President Production Technology, Warner Home Entertainment Group, Stephens oversaw the creation, evaluation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. He created new digital infrastructures, procedures and workflows to facilitate the production needs of the studio’s motion picture and television productions and online properties such as celebrity site TMZ.

Spencer started in data communications as system engineer at the inception of the computer network industry. He has focused on the design and the innovative application of network systems for other leading entertainment companies including Disney where he worked on digital production for Walt Disney TV Animation.

He has a BSc in physics from the University of Sussex, UK and an MS in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley. 


Ben Goertzel, CTO

As the father of the famed OpenCog Cognitive Architecture and inventor of Probabilistic Logic Networks, and with nearly 30 years as an artificial intelligence engineer, Ben is one of the leaders of the field. A renowned mathematician, engineer and author, Ben has decades of experience pioneering Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and engineering breakthrough AI systems for such organizations as DARPA, IARPA and Lockheed Martin. 

He is the chairman of the OpenCog Foundation, the chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Society, the chairman of the Artificial Brain Lab at Xiamen University, and one of the founding faculty at Singularity University. 

Ben has a PhD in mathematics from Temple University. He and his team are based in Hong Kong.


Cassio Pennachin, Chief Technology Officer

Cassio has been leading software development projects since the mid 90′s, in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, operations research and other areas.  His collaboration with Dr. Goertzel dates back to 1998.

Prior to the founding of Biomind, he led a team developing mass spectrometry data analysis software for Proteometrics.  

From 1998-2001 Cassio was the former VP of at Webmind Inc. leading a team of ~80 researchers carrying out multiple projects in AI, data mining and information retrieval.


Gian Gonzaga, Chief Data Scientist

Gian is one of the world's most pioneering data scientists.

As the recent Director of Content Algorithms and Data Science at Netflix, he led the architecture and development of the company’s content intelligence engine to inform IP acquisition and development. Prior to Netflix, Gian was the Director of Research and Development at eHarmony, where he pioneered the company’s breakthrough algorithmic approach to matchmaking.

He has a PhD in Social Personality Psychology from UC Berkeley, did a very successful postdoc at UCLA and has published many academic papers on the psychology of emotional attachment and relationships.


Eddie Monroe, VP R&D

With a background spanning commercial software development and project management, artificial intelligence, psychology and computational neuroscience, Dr. Monroe has been a critical part of the Novamente team since 2007.