We Are

A global AI engineering firm led by some of the world’s top engineers and mathematicians.


We Do

Design and build customized cognitive computing systems for the enterprise.


What is AI?

AI is a domain of computer science building machine-based cognitive systems capable of exhibiting intelligent properties.


AI architectures are able to accurately represent their environment with input data, autonomously learn from that data and take action to maximize their interests. 


AI systems are distinct in that they have a high degree of autonomy in their decisions, have a learning capacity able to generalize in multiple environments, and learn autonomously through abstraction and reinforcement.


Machine learning is the central component of artificial intelligence, but the AI domain is larger and encompasses other, critical, components such as memory, knowledge representation and reasoning, and decision.


AI systems are whole cognitive architectures. Machine learning is a core element of this architecture, but a machine learning system in and of itself does not constitute AI. Just like our learning capability is necessary, but not a sufficient condition of human intelligence.